We all want to be self-confident. We all want the world to know we have skills and abilities and most of all a purpose. To build and improve self-confidence isn’t something we always think about in a world where we “Just Do It” (sorry Nike, please don’t sue us). However, in order to keep up with the world that seems to get more and more intimidating, we must do what we can to fulfill our purpose and look great doing it as a bonus. Here are six most popular ways to build and improve self-confidence.


1. Put Your Chest Out, Breath Slowly, and Try to Relax

Breath in an out for a few seconds until you can relax. Then stand in a pose where your chest is out and you’re standing upright. This gets testosterone going and activates part of your brain that is more dominant. It takes a daily effort to walk out boldly with this powerful posture. When you feel thoughts of doubt rushing through your mind, pat yourself on the back (not literally), pull your shoulders back and stand up straight (or sit up straight). Give yourself more of a power boost by planting your feet firmly on the ground after you’re fully relaxed. This may not necessarily make you feel confident right away, but others will look at you as if you were on a mission. Go, you

2. Understand That Being Shy Is Perfectly Okay

Self-confidence by definition is knowing deep down how capable you are when faced with a challenge.

Shyness, on the other hand, is feeling uncomfortable and awkward around other people. If you’re shy, you don’t like the spotlight in activities requiring participation. You try to live life without attracting attention. This isn’t something to struggle with. This is a normal human characteristic.

If you’re shy, the problem isn’t your self confidence. Perhaps you do believe in yourself. Perhaps you know how successful you can be. Maybe you have experience and some challenges can be too easy for you. You feel the most confident when surrounded by only a few individuals or excel at a specialised skill while you’re alone. For quite a few jobs in the workplace, it’s not a problem unless one wants to be a complete hermit.

A lot of extroverts and those that come from successful environments treat introversion as a curse. They get frustrated when an introvert feels exhausted from social situations and wants to be alone. If that has happened to you, it isn’t fair. You deserve your space of solitude. That space you desire is a key ingredient to build and improve your self-confidence. When you work on yourself in a place of solitude, you may be seen as confident in the presence of others.

3. When the Going Gets Tough, Keep Going

It’s easy to give up when feces hits the fan. Obstacles are part of the journey and sometimes you’re not going to learn anything from them. They’re just stubborn blocks that won’t budge. Keep going! Keep pushing! If you’re religious, pray! If you doubt God, you need to let Him know. If there’s one thing I know God never takes away from us when we cry out to Him, it’s a tenacious character. If we’re clinging on to Him for hope, it’s a sure sign we’re not going to pack it in just yet.

It’s also wise to understand when to give up verses when to know the battle isn’t worth the fight. There are some things that are just fine. Don’t worry about them. While they look like a mountain, sometimes they’re structured like a molehill. Some broken things don’t matter when you reach your goal. Let them go. If they crumble, they crumble. If they become something beneficial without your efforts, that’s just as awesome.

Sometimes though, there a certain things you want badly, but you can never get them. It’s just a sign that you don’t really need them. With all the confidence, all the skills, and all the work and hustling it takes to get what you want, you may not get it because you don’t need it at all. An example of this is advertising for an event to showcase new bands. You can put as many posters out and spend a ton of money on advertising but if no new band wants to play or no one wants to hear the music, that’s not your problem. Maybe what you need in this case is for known bands to play while new bands open up, as much as you want the new bands to shine. In cases like this, you’re not giving up. You’re moving on. You’re replacing your goal or battle with a new task or opponent to face. In the end, the fight to get what you need is going to be more fulfilling compared to the fight to get what you want.

4. Make Exercising a Routine

We’ll keep this one short. Exercise is a forceful asset to building and improving self-confidence. Exercise done often gives off endorphins which interact with your brain receptors. You will feel an adrenaline rush and after resting from exercise, feel more energetic. As a result, you will view yourself more positively. You will doubt less, hesitate less, and begin moving towards your goals with a motivated attitude.

5. Rest and Meditate

We’ll keep this one short as well. We all know rest is important. Too much rest can leave you feeling unproductive though or it may cause eventual fatigue or burnout. While resting, take a deep breath; don’t dwell on any thoughts that will trigger your mind or cause you stress. Just let them pass you by like cars on a freeway. If you meditate in a quiet place, just take in the silence. You need in a world full of various kinds of noise. When you clear your mind, it reboots itself to a place where you can finally focus on what’s important and what you can do to achieve your goals. Resting is easy to do while meditation takes time and discipline to practice. After taking some time off though, excitement and motivation will build up because you gave yourself space to re-charge.

6. After Resting and Meditating, Learn New Skills. Above All, Put Them Into Practice

We used to live by the statement that if you name something you want or need, eventually you can claim it. We at Feeding Lions call this BS.


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You can look in the mirror and say you got what it takes, but if you have no idea how to get the job done, you won’t get to a place where you believe in yourself (or what God blessed you with if you’re a Follower of the Way). I get it though. It’s nice to be affirmed by your friends. We should avoid negative thinking. We need to get into a habit of setting goals for our lives. However, we cannot just build something and see who shows up. We can’t just say “I’m going to make money” and then sit on the couch all day. To be confident, you have to research and learn new skills because the world keeps changing. This isn’t optional. To get ahead, you have to work and hustle as long as you can. That’s life.

Confidence is a journey, not a destination. In some seasons, parts of it can be torn down because we’re human. As a result, we must put what was broken back together and improve the fragment to keep it from breaking again.

To build and improve self-confidence is a requirement to figuring out who you are. If you need to travel to do it, save up for a trip. Explore. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Make mistakes. Get up again. If the process repeats itself, remind yourself that it’s all good and part of the plan. Your self-confidence will grow and you’ll become more relaxed and motivated to keep trying. Try new things and determine what gets you out of bed in the morning with tons of energy.

When you determine who you are and what you want most in life, you’ll build and improve your self-confidence every day. If that doesn’t get you out of bed refreshed in the morning, we hope this post helps you get started.

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