We’re going to update the blog with some new categories. The new categories are productivity, motivation, and mental health which will be a child category of the self-improvement category. Unfortunately, while we would like to focus our brand to write about things such as physical exercises and nutrition, we’re lacking in original knowledge in these areas. We will do what we can to post about this particular subjects when we’re inspired to do so but it won’t be on a regular weekly basis.

We also plan on being more active on social media, especially on Facebook and Pinterest (the most traffic comes from Pinterest. Thank you to those who came and read a post). We were posting articles that we thought were interesting to build an audience but nothing much happened in other areas besides Pinterest. Hopefully we can get that fixed up. Our blog launch may not have been as successful as we’d like it to be but we hope to have some better posts in the next few weeks that will knock our readers’ socks off.

Other than that, we’ll be in a state where we’ll just be making it financially so that may slow things down when it comes to improving the blog. We had someone renting our basement. Once she leaves at the end of the month, we’ll only have $100 left every two weeks after necessary bill payments including our house mortgage. While this may seem like a scary time for us, we’re actually going to use it as an opportunity to share what we did to stay mentally healthy while exercising frugal habits.

We’re actually looking forward to this. We know God has a plan for us with this blog. Don’t hesitate to contact us or give us some tips or advice on what to write or to make this blog something worth sharing with the rest of the world. We love you and thank you for all the reading you do and the support you give.

Aaron and Charlene

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