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Now I Understand Why Forgiveness is Important (And Why It’s Good To Pray For Your Enemies)

On occasion, we’ve run into people who claim that there are two “F words” in the English language. While we already know one of those “F words,” I believe the other one they’re referring to is “forgiveness.”
Forgiveness is a vulnerable, scary, action. We feel it’s not worth blaming those individuals for keeping that word outside of their vocabulary. We also felt how liberating forgiveness is once you choose the lifestyle of letting pain go once you confess that life-changing word and pray for your enemies. […]

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4 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Setting Goals and Defining Themselves

The door to accomplishment is open by the key known as concentration. If you succeed at developing your focus, you can strike successfully in the right place until you’ve fulfilled your purpose. With an accomplished focus, chase after that one thing. Aim for one target. Put everything you’ve got into making your goal a successful one. Do not make these four biggest mistakes people make when setting goals and defining themselves. […]

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