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6 Common Excuses for Postponing Fitness

That July 2018 visit to the sports clinic has changed our lives forever. The doctor advised that I (Aaron) had to keep moving in order to be able to lead a more productive life and keep my struggle with sciatica at bay. After thinking things through about my future, sitting at the computer all day did not make me feel healthy or motivate me to replace the three cups of coffee I have a day with green tea. […]

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How To Take Control of Your Self-Image

Most people try to take control of their self-image by fitness and working out. Their agenda for exercise and nutritional habits are so they can look good but most of the time, it never really is to feel good about themselves. That’s all good. You should do what it takes to maintain your body and rock your fitness routine! After all, in the beginning it’s all about getting an excellent head-start. Let’s take it further. Let’s take control of your self-image for a few other reasons besides measuring curves and love-handles in the mirror. […]

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