If you can get access to a doctor soon, please talk to your doctor about this post, or get as much information from a first aid book if it’s accessible, before practising anything outlined in this article. This article is written for information purposes only.

If you suffer from minor joint problems, bruises and bangs, strains, muscles sprains, torn muscles, or other types of minor injuries, use this article as a first line of defence when dealing with these particular issues. These essential things for injury recovery can also be used to help you get better after you’ve taken medical advice.

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Through most of these instances, the objective of RICE is to stop bleeding inside of the tissues of an injured body part. Practising RICE results in less swelling, relaxed muscles, lack of spasms, and minimal bruising. In other words, the body will heal faster. The acronym RICE stands for: rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

R is for Rest

If you can, make sure no weight is on the injured body part. If the injury is in the leg, sit or lie down. However, if sciatica is involved, try not to sit or lie down for more than 30 minutes unless you’re sleeping. For injured arms, put the injured arm in a sling with a scarf. Consult with a doctor physician or physiotherapist to determine how the injured individual can move while recovering.

I is for Ice

While it’s considered part of hot and cold therapy, wrapping an injured area in an ice pack can both help heal and also reduce pain. Do not put an ice pack straight onto the skin. This will cause ice burn. The pack should be wrapped in a cloth or a tea towel beforehand. Leave the ice pack on the injury for 10 minutes or less and try to repeat the process every hour if you can.

C is for Compression

To reduce swelling or give support bandages the area as tightly as it can be without pain. Support and compression should be given without inhibiting the blood flow around and in the injured area.

E is for Elevation

Support and lift the injured body part. If it can be done the injured body part should be higher than the heart. This particular technique uses the pressure on blood vessels and encourages the draining of unneeded fluids from the injury itself.

Make sure that the injured muscle tendon or joint can be moved around 24 hours of rice, unless the doctor indicates otherwise. Movement prevents scarring of muscle tissue, tendon shortening, or loss of flexible movements in particular joints. Your doctor May give you a specific exercise program to follow. These exercises may involve gentle swinging and stretching exercises that don’t involve putting weight on the injury. This may not be advised if you have a heart condition or circulatory problems unless you check with your doctor first. They may even have to be practiced under medical supervision.


It’s all in the mind. Some say the mind or consciousness contains the root of pain in an injury. This isn’t always the case. However, by clearing your mind of negative thoughts such as the recovery is too slow etc.  will help you recover faster than you thought.

It’s natural for the body to recover from illnesses. When practising meditation, the stress, worries and anxieties are fended off and when you focus on the positive and facts that you’ll heal faster, physical body, brain and nervous system will recover. Then the injury starts to cure.

Try your best not to worry about your injury if you want to use meditation as a technique to heal. It’s hard. Worrying only slows down the recovery and gives power to the injury. If you focus on the positive, you will be healed in no time.

Don’t isolate yourself.

Getting together with friends releases healing endorphins through your body. Good company, laughter, even crying with someone through an injury can help with the healing process.  Just be with people who are your true friends who care about you. If they want to hang out, just let them hang out. Fear, pride, and not accepting pity from others can be crushing to people who care about you. Sometimes you need an emotional pampering just to push through the roughest moments of a painful recovery. And once you’re through and reached the light at the end of the tunnel, celebrate!

Above all, we’re with you through the hard times. If you want to contact us, we’ll respond back and give you other pointers if you need them. Just remember, we aren’t doctors. We can comfort you, pray for you if you depend on God, and just be a loving presence over the internet. We love you! Stay fit, and stay healthy! Get better soon if you’re reading this and struggling with an injury!


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