10 Secrets to Healthy Restaurant Eating10 Secrets to Healthy Restaurant Eating

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Before diving into the secrets to healthy restaurant eating, let’s agree that it’s a fact that the biggest outlets for socialising next to nightclubs are restaurants. Dining at restaurants is a journey to deeper intimacies with the people that you know. Imagine yourself trying to decide whether or not to go to a restaurant and keep your friendship or to hold fast to your eating routine that has made you feel like a better person while watching someone you want to keep in your life walk away from it.  A refusal to go to a restaurant with a good friend, just because you want to stay healthy, can come across as offensive even if you mean well (ladies, if that friend is male with uncomfortable intentions, this is an exception. Your ‘no’ means ‘no’).

Photo by Matt Alaniz on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Alaniz on Unsplash


So let’s say you decide to take a break from your eating routine and go out on a date, hang out with friends you haven’t seen in a while, or try to win your crush’s heart with a wing-man (or wing-woman). In a moment you’ll discover what to do to keep healthy in a binge-eating environment if you aren’t sure how. The following ten secrets for healthy restaurant eating are ground rules you can set while ensuring a great time with your friend(s). They can also be a great topic for health and fitness conversation or something to talk about before everyone officially picks up the menu. Here’s what you can do to ensure you consume a healthy meal while enjoying great conversations.

1. Choosing healthier foods from a restaurant is a must.

Before going to a restaurant, make a commitment to order a healthier meal. Condition yourself to decide on what to order based on good nutritional principles before setting foot in a restaurant.

2. The menu can be a bad food porn magazine.

Menus are designed to entice you to order certain foods. The way the food and the dressings are placed along with the Photoshop editing with saturated colour increases the temptation to try the food you’re looking at. If you find yourself salivating over particular foods, look for something else quickly in the menu. One of our favourite quotes we heard about lust was that the feeling isn’t established the first time you lay eyes on something. It’s always the second time that gets you hooked in. Don’t look at unhealthy menu choices twice if it’s possible.

3. An entree should be your only order.

If you can, try and stick to an entree that is not filling or filled with calories or any fattening foods. If deserts are appetisers are complementary or always included with the meal, share decent sized portions with the rest of your friends or guests attending your table. Avoid buffets if possible.

Top Secret Tip: When you’re out on a date and only eat until you’re satisfied, this will cause sexual activity that happens after the date to be amazing.

4. Restaurants are the last place to go when you’re starving.

Skipping one or two meals should never allow you to overeat when you go out. This is also a bad idea if you’re fasting. If you have skipped a meal, eat a small snack first with easily digestible foods such as bananas.

5. A restaurant visit is about hanging out.

Have a good time with your friends. Meet new people. Talk about a trending Netflix show. Debate over your favourite football teams or politics (with tact and caution). As mentioned before, dining in a restaurant is a journey to deeper intimacies with the people that you’re with. When everyone is focused on conversation, this will allow you and your friends to eat slowly or the proper pace that won’t cause problems with your digestive system.

6. No complimentary bread please!

If the server provides bread as a complimentary part of the meal ask him not to serve it. Without bread, the majority of the recipes for meals at a restaurant contain ingredients with tons of calories. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

7. Put aside the dressing and sauce.

Artery-clogging saturated fat calories can be found in many dressings and sauces. Ask for the dressing and sauce to be served on the side so you can decide how much of it you can consume with your meal.

8. Keep it light at the end of the day!

As the day heads towards suppertime, your body doesn’t need dense high calorie meals. So if you’re going for a late night snack or dinner, salads with vegetables and lower fat proteins such as fish, chicken, and extra lean cuts of red meat, will satisfy your appetite. A good night sleep will be included once you arrive home at the end of the evening to sleep.

9. Lead the ordering!

You’re not in a good place when your intentions for ordering healthy meals aren’t firm. Knowing what you want and taking charge is an attractive trait. Ask what your other friends and guests are ordering. Ensure that the tone is set for a healthy meal. Children who are present will pick up on what you’re doing. As a result, friends and guests will follow your lead.

10. You don’t have to clean your plate.

If you enjoyed your meal, ensure you have the option of take-out. Using this as a discipline will give you power over your eating habits. And as a bonus, you get to enjoy your order two or three times.

Can these tips help?

These tips can seem overwhelming at once. We tried one or two of them each restaurant visit and have experienced tremendous results. It’s always good to eat until you are satisfied, not until you’re full. If you don’t think you can’t munch through another meal of what you just ate, it’s perfectly fine.


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Alternatively, if you still feel horrible or can’t seem to change your weight or diet even after these tips, try again, and takes notes on two restaurant experiences in a row or consider talking through your health with your doctor.  When it comes to the needs of exercise and nutrition, no needs are the same. We all have different shapes, sizes, and metabolism weights and functions. You have to determine what tips will work for you at which restaurants you visit (except fast food restaurants. Try to stay away from those).

What changes do you need to make to your diet? What restaurant foods make you feel more energetic after eating? What foods make you feel like you want to do nothing besides sit on the couch when you get home? And finally, when making a commitment to follow a proper nutrition guide, what results will be the most beneficial for your life in the long-term?

Remember, this blog gives you suggestions on what you can do. It’s not the be all and end all of your fitness journey. Keep fit, have fun doing it, and don’t give up!

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon


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